How to Get Your Dell Rebate (Our Trip to Dell and Back!)

When all goes well it is as simple as follow the instructions, mail it in and get your check.

Just in case it doesn’t go smoothly be sure that you keep copies of everything (order numbers, case numbers, names, dates, etc.) and document all of your communications. We ended up too frustrated by email and phone call dead ends, so we made 5 copies of everything that we had (19 pages in all), wrote a 4 page letter to go with it and mailed it all to:

Dell, Inc.

One Dell Way

Round Rock, TX 78682

We sent a copy to:

  • Dell Customer Service Department
  • Technical Support
  • Dell Management
  • Rebate Fulfillment Department

And a CC: to Michael Dell just for good measure.

Since all is resolved, we won’t bore you with the details, but here is the intro to our 4 page letter:

Dear Dell:

Here’s the short version of my ordeal with Dell:

You owe me $200 and a hard drive. Please send them now.

Here’s the long version….

I am writing to you out of sheer desperation and frustration and praying SOMEONE at Dell can help me out. I purchased the two Dell computer systems referenced above, back on 2/7/05. I placed my order online…. 4 more pages of details…”

We mailed everything on 8/20 and started getting phone calls and email responses on 9/1 from David C. from the Resolution Expert Center; David is, indeed, a true Resolution Expert. Our issue was now given an OMNI case number and things flowed like fine wine (which we had already been driven to drink much of during this ordeal). We received exceptional communication and unprecedented follow-up that included several phone calls and more than 15 emails (all of them with useful and pertinent information). We have been issued credits for our rebates (one on 9/8 and one on 9/9) and our brand new replacement hard drive arrived yesterday (9/9). So, after seven months of being in the depths of Dell, our hell has been completely and Delliciously transformed to a heavenly resolution in less than a week.

We wish that Dell could have provided more people like David C. and this level of customer service (like Sharper Image and Target do so well), on the front end. Nevertheless, our faith in Dell has been restored. Thank you David C., we will continue to endorse your company and your products.