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I already have a website, how do I move it to 4yourwebsite.com?
What is a meta tag?
Do I need to backup my website if it is hosted on 4yourwebsite.com?
How do I know which plan to choose? How much web space is enough?
How do I know which plan to choose? How much bandwidth do I need?
Why do you not offer unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space?
I've heard that the connection to the Internet is important. What kind of connections do you have?
What type of DNS servers do you have? Are they reliable?
After I place my web hosting order, how long will it be before my web server is activated?
How do I set up my website before the domain is pointing to it?
What type of software do I need to upload my site to your servers?
When should I set up for Credit Card Processing in addition to PayPal?
Is 4yourwebsite.com PayPal Verified?
Do my buyers have to have a PayPal account to buy my goods and services with PayPal?