Send emails from using your Gmail account

  • April 16, 2011
Log into your Gmail account and click Settings (top right) -> Accounts -> Send Mail
As: ... Add another email address...

Add [email protected] as an email address, you will receive a verification email from Google that goes something like this:

You have requested to add [email protected] to your Gmail account.
Confirmation code: 1234567

Before you can send mail from [email protected] using your Gmail
account ([email protected]), please click the link below to confirm your

If you click the link and it appears to be broken, please copy and paste it
into a new browser window. If you aren't able to access the link, please log in
to your Gmail account, and click 'Settings' at the top of any page.
Open the 'Accounts' tab, and locate the email address you'd like to add in the
'Send mail as:' section. Then, click 'Verify,' and enter your confirmation
code: 1234567

Thanks for using Gmail!

The Gmail Team

Once you have verified your address, you can then set it as your default address by clicking the "make default" link next to the address in the Settings --> Accounts tab. Then your Gmail emails will come from

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