How do I know which plan to choose? How much web space is enough?

  • September 5, 2022
Many web hosting companies will try to dazzle you with numbers like 1,000 to 2,000 megabytes (1GB to 2GB). They offer this much storage because they know that most sites will never use even a fraction of it. 1 Megabyte to 500 Megabytes of storage is sufficient for almost any website. If you figure that the average page, with graphics, is 10K - 20K, then 5 to 10 Megabytes of web space would accommodate 500 to 1,000 web pages including their image files.

Very few websites exceed 100 Megabytes, in fact, most smaller sites do not even come close to 10 Megabytes. A well-designed database-driven website with, literally; thousands, or even tens of thousands, of pages can fit into 350 Megabytes. This includes the dynamic pages (about 1/2 Megabyte) some graphics on every page (which use most of the 350MB of space) and the database (under 5 Megabytes). The exception would be a website with lots of video (.mpg) and/or audio (.mp3) files. We can create a custom website hosting package for you, if you need lots of space for audio and video files in order to accommodate them economically and in a way that will not bog down your server.

Usually, starting with our 20MB plan is plenty, or the 50MB plan if you need a dynamic, database-driven website. As your site grows you can always upgrade to more storage space when, and if, it is needed.

If all of this still confuses you, just call 423-521-0244, or use our Ask Us and we will figure it all out for you.

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