Why do you not offer unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space?

  • September 5, 2022
When we set up 4yourwebsite.com we wanted it to be the most reliable and honest web hosting company on the Internet. Many companies quote "unlimited" or "unmetered" bandwidth and/or disk space allocations, but in the small print you will find that they have the right to remove your site without warning if you are using too much bandwidth or disk space. Put simply, this means they have a limit but they are not prepared to tell you what it is, or that they limit you in other ways that will even prevent visitors from being able to access your site. They need to have this clause because bandwidth (or data transfer) and disk space both cost money. The telecom companies that provide Internet connectivity charge for every GB of transfer on their networks and many "unlimited companies" have found that they cannot sustain their service without regularly removing accounts.

4yourwebsite.com has a proper, sustainable, business model which offers high bandwidth allocations to all our customers with no automatic removal of sites for exceeding their allocations. We tell you how much bandwidth you have and give you a meter (in your control panel) to monitor your use of it.

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