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Yes We Really Are Less Expensive Than GoDaddy

But, if that’s your reason to register your new domain through us, please don’t. There is an even lower cost option available, mentioned below, that may be better for you, if all you want is a low price. Generally speaking, I view GoDaddy as being among the worst options for purchasing a domain. Of course, we are the best, and there hundreds of options in between.

Here’s GoDaddy’s price for 2 years of registration, with privacy:

their ongoing price for renewals is really $46.32, so for 4 years of registration, our price is $77.76, theirs is $80.64. But, that’s not what makes them a bad choice, it is that making any changes to a GoDaddy domain is a major pain, they bury the real functionality behind many, many ads for other services. You are confronted with barriers and ads at every step of everything that you do with your domain.

The next best choice, especially if you want slightly lower prices than ours, for domain registration is, they are actually the retail-facing, consumer site of the service that we use. Their prices include WHOIS privacy, as ours do also. We strongly recommend WHOIS privacy to the point where we do not leave it as optional, we include it with every domain registration and renewal. Part of GoDaddy’s scam is to remove privacy from their standard registration and then charge almost double what it’s worth to add back this necessary service. They somehow have the reputation of being the least expensive but, when you compare true costs and look at the many ways they nickel and dime you, they are really one of the most expensive AND they are among the most difficult to use or to get any kind of support from.