How to add your website to Google Local

April 4, 2009     0 comments

Here is the process for you to get your website added to Google Local:

  1. Add Your Business
    Visit Google Local's "Add/Edit Your Business" page.There you will be asked to enter your Google account login and password (or you can quickly create one) before entering the submission area. Once in, you need to provide standard business address and contact information, a 200-character description of your business, the forms of payment you accept from consumers and your operating hours.
  2. Choose Categories
    Next you will be asked to provide a category that best describes your business. Your listing can appear in up to 5 separate categories.
  3. Preview and Select Verification Method
    Your business listing along with a proof of your business's mapped location is shown for your approval. Here you can make any necessary final tweaks to your listing. After that, you have to choose which verification method that Google will use to confirm your address; do you want Google to call you or receive a postcard to confirm your address?
  4. Verify & Wait
    Follow the instructions provided to you by either the postcard or the phone and your listing will be active in about 6 weeks.

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